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Structural Engineering


Our in-house professional engineers (PE) have expertise in civil, structural design and engineering for all solar racking types and system sizes in 44 U.S. states. With over 1.2 gigawatts worth of solar engineering projects under our belt, we consistently serve reliable, AHJ-compliant deliverables, including:

  1. Stamped structural design and calculations (framing capacity, snow and wind loading, seismic, etc) and Engineer's Certification Letter

  2. Stamped structural upgrades, as needed

  3. Stamped structural design and engineering for ground-mounted solar systems (residential, commercial, community solar and utility-scale solar)

  4. Stamped structural design and engineering for solar carports and canopies

  5. Wet stamped deliverables, processed with UPS 2nd Day Air, if required

  6. Pre-design solar structural analysis and report

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