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Structural Engineering


Our in-house professional engineers(PE) have expertise in civil, structural design and engineering for all types of solar installations for any system size(all racking types). With 20,000+ solar engineering projects under our belt nationally, our deliverables includes:

  1. Stamped Structural design and calculations (framing capacity, snow and wind loading, seismic, etc). It comes with an engineer certification letter as required by the city/AHJ.

  2. Stamped Structural Upgrades (if needed)

  3. Stamped Structural design and engineering for Ground-Mounted Solar Systems (residential, commercial, community solar and utility-scale solar)

  4. Stamped Structural design and engineering for solar Carports and Canopies. 

  5. Wet stamped deliverables are processed with UPS 2nd day air, if required(standard).

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