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March Tips 2024

Design Tip: Guidelines for As-Built Projects

When a solar project has already been permitted by the AHJ, but changes to the permitted design were made before or during installation, you may request a design revision per the "as-built" system. If you request a redesign per the as-built system, see the below guidelines to ensure the right information is uploaded:

1. Make, model, and quantity of the modules and inverters. (If a battery is installed, include the number of batteries installed, as well as their make, model, capacity, and interconnection type, such as grid tied or with backup.)

2. Post-installation photos of the following:

a. Roof, ground, or wall mount(s). (If modules are roof mounted, photograph each roof with modules installed and show measurements of the attachment spacing. Check that attic photos, showing taped measurements of the framing dimensions and spacing, are uploaded.)

b. All electrical equipment and their location(s). Include open photos of the combiner panel, sub panel and MSP with their busbar and main breaker rating (to identify loads of all appliances). Highlight the point of interconnection, whether it is line side tap, PV breaker, or other.

3. Characteristics of the racking system, per the mounting type.

4. Utility name.

5. Wire and conduit size of the electrical interconnection.

6. The number of strings and microinverters/optimizers in a single string.

7. The location of junction boxes installed on roofs.

8. If trenching is used, include length of the trench.

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News: We Have a New Mailing Address!

The Current Renewables Engineering office has changed locations. Take note of our new mailing address: 3600 Lime Street, Bldg 2, Riverside, CA 92501. Thanks!


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