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April Tips 2024

Updated: 2 days ago

Design Tip: How to Request Battery Services

To proceed with design services for a battery project, please include the following information in your project description or uploads:

1. The make, model, and capacity (in kilowatt-hours, kWh) of the battery storage system. Note the number of batteries needed, or "battery count," so design representatives can determine the scale and scope of the project.

2. The preferred location for battery installation. We will verify factors like available space, proximity to power sources, and environmental considerations. Whether the installation will be at a residential property, a commercial facility, or an industrial site, the location plays a significant role in the project's feasibility and efficiency.

3. The client's requirements regarding the backup system. Specify whether the project aims to provide partial home backup, where only essential appliances are powered during outages, or whole home backup, ensuring continuous power supply to all devices and systems. This distinction influences the design and configuration of the battery system.

4. The desired grid connection. Clarify whether the battery system will operate in tandem with the grid, providing backup power during outages while remaining connected to the utility, or if it will function independently in an off-grid setup. These details lay the groundwork for designing and implementing an effective and tailored battery storage solution. Care to Succeed

For questions regarding our design services, please email


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