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February Tips 2024

Updated: 2 days ago

Design Tip: Tips for Improving Layout Proposals

At the project proposal stage, it's important to consider a homeowner's layout limitations, sun exposure, and more. Design engineers will verify that a layout fits the actual roof dimensions, or they will revise the layout and confirm the changes with you (see below).

However, layout changes at the engineering stage can create unnecessary delays and confusion for the homeowner. To avoid fitment related revisions, try taking these steps:

  • Measure the roof space (Google Earth dimensions & account for pitch)

  • Use the module dimensions to calculate the array area

  • Check that each array fits the respective roof space

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Structural Tip: Ballasted Systems - Limitations and Upload Requirements

If a PV project is ballasted, please upload the ballast engineering report and consider the below project limitations (for all ballasted PV systems):

a. Max Distributed Load = 7 psf

b. 4 Blocks max per bay (block weight is 32#/each)

c. Max Bay Load = 200#

d. No supplemental bays UNLESS:

  • The bay with half a supplemental bay < 4(see example)

  • The array is closer to the edge of the roof(with the proper setback) than it is to mid-span of the rafters.

e. No sistering, unless there is clear attic access

f. Total weight on roof must govern seismic design

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