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January Tips 2024

Updated: Apr 1

Design Tip: How to Request Battery Services

Projects with battery add-ons have a slightly different design process than our standard projects types. If you request design services for a residential PV+battery installation, please ensure the following are listed in the project documents or description upon initial upload:

1. Battery type, quantity, model number, and location for placement (indoor or outdoor) with photos

2. Interconnection type and preferred backup (whole home or partial?)

3. If the battery is grid tied, is it interconnected to the combiner or MSP?

4. Does the battery use ESS disconnect?

5. If a hybrid inverter is used, please specify the POI (hybrid inverter) at MSP. (Shall use breaker of tie in to grid line).

For questions regarding our design services, please email


Structural Tip: What to do for manufactured homes

Sistering upgrades cannot be provided for mobile/manufactured homes if our framing checks fail for 2x2 framing. Under these circumstances, we recommend changing to a ground mount or hiring a local licensed engineer to provide engineering signoff.

For manufactured homes using 2x2 trusses, we assume that the maximum unsupported span = maximum passable span IF the home was built:

  • before 2000 & snow load is less than or equal to 5 psf

  • in/after 2000 & snow load is less than or equal to 20 psf

Otherwise, we put the project on hold and ask for photos showing "taped" measurements of the max span, the home's permit history, and/or the property's "data plate." If you are aware that the property does not meet the above criteria, kindly upload these photos/documents in advance so you can skip the hold.

For questions regarding our structural services, please email


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