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November Tips 2023

Structural Tip: Best Practices for Site Surveying

Project hold-ups can be frustrating, so to kick off CRE's first ever newsletter, we're giving you everything you need to skip survey-related project holds for structural and design services. Take your project efficiency to the next level by following these survey guidelines:

1. Label all roofs in the site capture document, both inside and outside. You can hold up your fingers (“1”, “2”,...) corresponding to the roof in the photo.

2. Using a laser or measuring tape, capture close ups of the attic framing dimensions, spacing(s), and span length(s). Photograph the overall span immediately before the close ups.

3. Document red flags - sagging roofs and fire, water, and/or framing damage.

For more information, check out our site survey checklist.


Electrical Tip: What Do I Upload for NVE Reports?

An NVE report, or comprehensive estimate of a system's annual usage patterns, can help you demonstrate that the anticipated annual solar energy production meets the initial estimation. Here's what you need to upload when requesting an NVE report:

1. DC Solar System Size

2. Estimated Annual Solar Production

3. Photos of the service panel dead front, clearly showing load labels.

Keep an eye out for next month's letter! Starting December 1st, you'll be able to search, view, and download these and future tips from your project portal.


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